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A wealth of experience
at the service of chemistry.

Leadership in chemicals for the ceramic industry

Since its foundation in 1977, year after year Smaltochimica has focussed on becoming the market leader in the production of chemicals for the ceramic industry, in particular in the field of mediums for tile decorations. During the constant research and development, the company has continued to grow, developing and fine-tuning all ceramic applications: from flat and rotary screen-printing to techniques using silicone rollers (engraving decoration system), resulting in the creation of innovative and diverse ceramic products.
This constant research and development as well the quality of the products constitute important assets that Smaltochimica has always put at the disposal of its customers. The objective of the company is twofold: to continue to be the point of reference for technical operators and to continue to meet the new needs presented by the continuous evolution of manufacturing processes in the ceramic industry.

The head-office, located in Fiorano Modenese, at the very heart of the industrial district, is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, a Research and Development department automated plants and specialised equipment for trial tests and quality control. Here, everyday, we look for new applicative procedures for tile manufacturing, we develop excellent products with high quality standards. We also look ahead to the future, where the push towards innovation, the technical assistance service and the solid relationship with customers will continue to be the driving force of the Smaltochimica Group corporate strategy, which is to create continual growth, repositioning and competitiveness of the company on the national and international markets.

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